Healthcare Staffing

Bilkins specializes in providing quality healthcare professionals to major Medical centers, healthcare homes and reputed hospitals as well. Bilkins ensures to provide only the top class medical practitioners, support staff, nursing attendants, anesthesia specialists, surgeons of repute, subject matter experts from different departments including but not limited to gynecology, psychology, radiology, dentistry, pulmonology, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics etc. Our long association of providing the healthcare services to the communities helps us to pro-actively work on the multiple staffing requirements of this industry at priority

Engineering Staffing:

With the active involvement and contribution of the professional recruiting teams of Bilkins, the different categories of engineering industry requirements are being filled in at regular intervals. These entities may be located across the different regions of USA, yet their common source of contact to get the best of the resources originates from Bilkins only, most of the times. Bilkins works on to provide the qualified engineers as per client’s specific job descriptions from entry level to critical roles. These resources shall be put on critical assignments that include not only in infrastructure and manufacturing industries but also in setting up of large scale laboratories or electrical installations. Bilkins specializes in installation and maintenance of high voltage power back-up generators and handling of sensitive electrical equipment at all major work locations.

Light Industrial

The plethora of opportunities that exist in this Light Industrial staffing services include floor assemblers, floor managers, workers of different skill sets in the warehouse operations, packaging assistants, plant managers, heavy machine drivers, machine operators, welders, fabrication specialists and many more. Bilkins takes pride in sharing that our huge database of these profiles helped us serve this industry to provide in good numbers of these key individuals – who make the world to move on progressively!

Life Sciences Staffing

The significant contribution of different companies of this industry in healthcare segment has great potential in the tool market and the business houses across the globe have put in their best efforts for the research and innovation to design and develop different medical and diagnostic equipment, while keeping great trust in their own teams. No wonder, Bilkins has contributed in its own way of providing the matching profiles for those winning life Sciences industry teams by on-boarding large number of professionals in a significant way.

Pharmaceutical Staffing

The pharmaceutical segment is the key-factor in driving the major chunk of business of the day to day operations of the healthcare industry. As technology is playing an important role in diagnosis and in decision making of the patients in almost at all stages of the treatment for any kind of discomfort or decease, the role of providing right mix of care givers, hospital workers, nursing station attendants and other allied service personnel, Bilkins pitches in to contribute in a significant way by providing appropriate resources that can fit the bill of the requirements. Thanks to our recruiting teams’ exposure to pharmaceutical, medical devise / tools and related issues, we are providing world-class quality personnel to this segment.

Government Staffing

The Governments of the day across the globe play a crucial role in almost majority of the different stages of the evolution of the healthcare industry as being experienced by the world today. The innumerable number of initiatives taken by the Government at local, provisional, district, state and national level has largely affected the state of affairs of the healthcare industry over the past decade or so. The allocation of specific budgets for funding new initiatives to research and to provide better healthcare to the public in general and strive to enhance overall feel good factor of the patient and the services helped firms like Bilkins to raise the bar and to provide significantly for the betterment of the society…though not necessarily as part of their CSR initiatives.

Technology Staffing:

In the post-pandemic situation, the role of technology has taken a huge turnaround in the large-scale requirement of highly skilled and experienced Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Developers, Designers, Data Analysts, Technology Managers, Architects etc., with different academic backgrounds – thus the job market has got suddenly pushed up. Bilkins rose to the occasion to reach out to these extraordinary individuals with envious track record and kept their updated profiles in its readily available resources for placing them at its client locations. Irrespective of the boom or otherwise, the technology industry has become the focal point and also emerged as one of the largest contributors for the overall benefit of the majority of the industries.

    Bilkins was established in the year 2016, and operates out of Washington D.C Metro area as its World Head Quarters with the sole aim of supporting the Recruitment & Staffing


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