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Bilkins helps small and large corporate with Enterprise Deployments, Enterprise Security Deployments and Upgrades. Each premier service package includes an in depth assessment of clients current technology, a deployment plan customized to their specific objectives, execution assistance, software authentication and staff training.

BILKINS can help you with a full range of Splunk products, including:

Feasibility & Competence

Bilkins team is preeminent in this groundbreaking technology with topmost certifications available for splunk, Bilkins will evaluate client’s present infrastructure and strategize how to implement client’s specific Splunk software solution. Bilkins will collaborate with client’s staff to build the perfect software as per the requirements. Bilkins flawless service will ensure that client’s deployment goes effortlessly.

Bilkins follows a perfect turnaround time in planning stages till working infrastructure is built. It reduces the time by leveraging employee knowledge transfer and enhance the return on investment (ROI) through a custom configured environment to utilize all features and augment employee efficiency.

Bilkins expert guidance and on-site assistance is an added value to client and offers a service package for every size and scale of project and company.

Splunk Elevated Benefits

Splunk Upgrade Service includes planning, deployment and validation of the most recent upgrades to existing Splunk Enterprise environment. Our Splunk experts associate with client’s IT staff in order to streamline the upgrade process and reduce any probable downtime to client’s systems. Splunk best practices when aligned with client’s upgraded production environment will help scale up for continued growth.

Splunk Enterprise Development

Bilkins experts will explore client’s organization security needs and current security background to design a deployment plan customized to fit client’s organization’s specific needs. Bilkins will collaborate with clients’s IT workforce in every step from inception of the project planning through deployment and staff training. Accelerating a nearly effortless implementation while augmenting for performance, giving client’s organization time-to-value and higher return on investment more rapidly.

Splunk experts can be leveraged to get support and expedite Splunk Enterprise deployment. Bilkins works with client on its infrastructure design, installation, application deployment, data collection and on-boarding using best practices for framework implementation. Bilkins ensures client’s production environment to be at optimal level by expediting, expert guided deployment by speeding up on the latest Splunk offer.

Next-Gen - SIEM Migration Services

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM). Migration strategy can be optimized by leveraging Splunk security expert’s real world experience and competing SIEM solutions. Bilkins collaborates with client’s project team to develop competent and effective development strategy then restructure the transition from your existing SIEM solution to a Splunk deployment based on scrutinizing your needs.

Splunk Technical Assessment

Splunk technical assessment service provides client with an identification of issues related to performance and risks with their current Splunk environment. Bilkins helps clients to improve their operating and administrative processes including on-boarding, operating and optimizing data volume consumption and bench marking client’s splunk instance through knowledge transfer.

Technical Assessment Offering Includes:

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